Process Of Medical Transcrption In Simple Pointers

The process of medical transcription is pretty simple. Almost all MT service-providers follow more or less the same method with slight variations.

The process of medical transcription can be outlined as below:-

Dictation :- Patient information is recorded by medical practitioners into a recording device. Choosing a superior voice quality device lends clarity, quality and accuracy to the dictations. Sometimes, sophisticated software modules are installed in the doctor’s PC that allow dictating and transmitting the voice files to the medical center’s server an easy process.

Transmission of Voice Files :- The digitally recorded dictations are transmitted from the medical practitioners’ PCs to the main server by making use of a memory card. From the server, these voice files are accessed by medical transcriptionist for transcribing. If medical transcription service is been outsourced, the voice files are routed/uploaded to the Medical Transcription Service Organization secure, encrypted server via the Internet, for transcription.

Transcribing :- Transcribers type the dictation word-to-word (except for making changes to grammar or usage errors) and convert the voice files into text format. Files are flagged off for the physician’s comments if the transcriptionist faces any clarity or inconsistency issues with them.

Quality assurance :- There are multiple levels of QA (Quality Assurance) in medical transcription and good service-providers offer a three-tiered quality assurance process.
In the initial stage, editing is done; the next stage involves proofreading of the entire transcribed word files to check for omissions and errors. In the final stage, medical editors do a thorough review of the completed files.

Sending back reports :- The completed medical records are sent as zipped email attachments or uploaded into the hospital’s server from where they can be accessed anytime by the doctor or the concerned staff for their respective use.


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